Bonsai Visions: Portland Maine, 2015.

Hey Folks!  Its Danny, trying to get caught up on some blog work here.  This time around I’ll do 2, back-to-back posts.  I’ll consider the first to be a make up post for September, and the second will do as the post for this November.

September 2015: North East Bonsai Professional, Colin Lewis and his apprentice Maliea Chiem hatch plans to set up a small, somewhat impromptu, outdoor, bonsai exhibition in historic downtown Portland Maine.  Sounded like fun!  So I recruited my buddy, Mr. Chuck Harris to share the drive up north so we could check out the Maine bonsai scene first hand.

We arrived the day before the show and spent a few hours hanging out with the crew from Mr. Lewis’s Hoyoku School of Bonsai.  Lots of fun talking shop and enjoying the end of summer in Maine.  Say what you will about Maine winters, the autumns there are over the top and I suspect they could rival any beautiful autumn destination in the world.  So much in fact, that I was forced to play ‘tourist with a camera’ for just a bit while we had dinner and beers at a local lobster shack on the water.  Great view and a fitting way to end a fun New England day of bonsai talk and show prep.


View from the dinner table.

The next morning we all met up bright and early to set up the exhibition in Congress Square park. Downtown Portland, Maine.  It came together quickly and the whole team looked like they’d been there before.


Once set up, the rest of the day was consumed with taking in the scenery, talking bonsai, drinking coffee and chatting it up.  Downtown Portland has a perfect feel for a bonsai show in the park.  Fit like a glove and the locals really seemed to enjoy it.  By lunch time the park was hoppin’.








Maliea, Colin and Chuck. Good times.




Additionally, one of the locals, Tucker Hayden is pretty handy with a camera and put together a nice video edit of the show.  You can check it out on YouTube.

Before we hit the road Chuck and I got a group photo with the Hoyoku bunch.  Nice folks, nice bonsai and no shortage of creativity.  Hopefully this event can become a regular thing.  Who else wants to see more stuff like this, everywhere!?


One more shot from the lobster shack and I’ll be out of photos.


This thing felt like it was put there intentionally to be photographed. Whatever though, it looked good.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…