2015 wrap up.

Hey Folks.  Its Danny, here to wrap up 2015 as shortly and sweetly as possible.

This year has been exciting!  In addition to my apprenticeship at Aichien, I was fortunate to spend 6 months as the 2015 intern at the National Bonsai & Penjing museum, shared some quality time with several bonsai enthusiast all over the east coast, wrote a few blogs, met some new friends, made a few mistakes and completed a few projects successfully.  All valuable experience.  As each year goes by I notice myself looking at bonsai with a greater sense of what is possible and more curiosity about just what is still left to be discovered.  Looking forward to 2016!

Thanks to everyone who helped make all of this years progress possible and to the dedicated readers subscribed to this blog.  Wishing you all the best moving into the new year.

As for me, lots planned for 2016.  I’ll keep focusing on working, learning and writing as I go.

Happy New Year!.

until next time…